The Music Therapy Program


Resonate Music Therapy Services provide customized individual and group music therapy programs to meet the specific needs of clients.

Individual sessions are 30 Minutes and the 1:1 time often helps clients achieve goals sooner than in group sessions.

Group sessions are 30 or 60 Minutes (max. 6 persons) and the smaller groups allow the therapist to spend individual time with each person.


The assessment period is required for the music therapy program to be successful. During the first four sessions, clinical assessments are conducted by observing and evaluating clients’ strengths and needs in areas of socialization, communication, motor movement, self confidence, decision making, listening and turn taking, and music participation. Goals and objectives are formed and custom treatment programs are designed to assist clients to succeed in their goals.


Documentation is an important part of the music therapy program. Every session is documented and the progress evaluated through quarterly and yearly progress reports.


The initial music therapy program consists of 12 sessions which includes; an assessment, treatment, and a progress report. Further sessions may be recommended with the completion of the initial program. Some clients progress quickly in their goals and attend therapy for less than a year while others progress slowly and may attend therapy for several years.